Cherry Festival in Kerteminde

20-22nd July 2018​

About the Cherry Festival in Kerteminde

​Each year on the third weekend of July, Kerteminde hosts the Cherry Festival. At the Festival you can discover art, music and culinary taste experiences and other kinds of entertainment, which is all part of the "See, listen and taste". The Festival takes place in the beautiful surroundings in and around the city of Kerteminde.

​The Funen History of the Cherry

The Festival exploits the beautiful nature and fertile soil of Funen.​

The cherry is a fruit with old traditions on Funen. Earlier, the people spoke about an ancient sort: the Langeskov Berry. The cherry liqueur Kijafa has its origin in Faaborg (South Funen). It is where Schaumburg in Vejstrup, Aunslev Blacksmith and Holger Voss from Rynkeby in their times made a breakthrough with their invention of cherry picking machines. Here, the Kerteminde artists have immortalized the cherry blossoms in their art and Johannes Larsen (1867-1961) described how to make cherry brandy. The big cherryfarm Nyborg Plantage and the Selleberg estate used to have the tradition of self picking and today sell sweet cherries and several cherry products. Last not least the danish author Morten Korch (1876-1954) wrote the amusing Funen novel: "Kirsebær og kærlighed" ("Cherries and love"), while he was in Kerteminde. 

The people behind​

The Festival is arranged by the Society of Art and Culture​ in Kerteminde in cooperation with all of the city's cultural institutions.

The society is a non-profit organisation based on voluntary work.

It is the society's purpose to encourage the interest for- and activily support art and culture in Kerteminde and environs, which includes the Cherry Festival each summer.


The committee for the Society of Art and Culture in Kerteminde includes 9 members and 2 deputies:

  • Jens Gantriis
  • Karsten Koch, Treasurer
  • Aleksandra Pfeil
  • Torben Christensen
  • Marianne Hansen
  • Jørgen Hansen
  • Claus Christensen
  • Lone Nørgaard
  • Annika Aaby


  • ​Rikke Mohr Jørgensen
  • Ulla Eihtz

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The Society for Arts and Culture in Kerteminde