Cherry Festival in Kerteminde

20-22nd July 2018​

​Traffic information

During an event like the Kirsebærfestival, traffic is increasing, streets are blocked or closed and parkingspaces are rare. We recommend therefore to take the bus to Kerteminde.


FynBus is offering tourist-tickets during summer, which offer you some very good rates for your whole stay.

For further information contact FynBus or click here.

Bus stops in Kerteminde

​During the festival some bus stops are moved. Find out more about the event bus ticket from all over Fyn to the festival here (in danish).


Send an e-mail to
Or call (+0045) 6311 2200

Information / ticket centers:


Dannebrogsgade 10
5000 Odense C

Open from 9-16 tues-fri,
monday 9-17.30


Klosterplads 10
5700 Svendborg

Open from 11-16 tues-fri,
monday 11-17.30


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Foreningen For Kunst Og Kultur På Kertemindeegnen


5300 Kerteminde
Tlf.: 23960607
CVR: 30641868

The Society for Arts and Culture in Kerteminde