Cherry Festival in Kerteminde

20-22nd July 2018​

Cherry poster of the year

This year, the Cherry Poster for 2018 is selected by the board of the festival.

  • Everyone can enter the contest - old, young, amateurs or professional artists are all welcome.

To participate in the contest, you simply do the following:

  • Create a cherry poster that is two-dimensional, and where cherries in some way are part of the composition.
  • Hand in your poster at Fjorden, Regnar Langesvej 1, 10th October at 10:00 h. This is also where the posters will be exhibited.
  • All posters will be exhibited in 2018.
  • The winner will be announced shortly after the pick.

The winner of the best poster will receive a cherry-goodie basket.​

Cherry Poster of the Year 2014

Winner of the Cherry Poster Competition 2014:

Marcia Sørensen, Odense.

​Winner by audience selection

Cherry Poster of the Year 2013​

Winners of the Cherry Poster Competition:

​Jury Award Winner

Audience Award Winner​

Audience Award Winner: ​Karl "Krølle" Nielsen.

Jury Award Winner: Mads Vadsholt Paulsen.

​Jury of 2013 were:

  • Sonja Rasmussen, Mayor.
  • Dorte Frandsen, Director of Tourism.
  • Michael Grønlund, Artist and organizer of the Kerteminde Art Festival.

Cherry Poster of the Year 2012

The winner of the Cherry Poster Competition of 2012 was Jørn Heltborg from Munkebo, and his beautiful creation will decorate the official poster of the Cherry Festival 2013.​

Winners of the Cherry Poster Competition:

​Jury Award Winner 2013

The jury award winning poster of 2013 was created by: Jørn Heltborg, Munkebo.​

Audience Award Winner​ 2013

Cherry Poster Competition 2012


  • ​Sonja Rasmussen, Mayor of Kerteminde
  • Dorte Frandsen, Director of Tourism
  • Troels Malthe Borch, Museum Keeper at Østfyns Museer.

Winners of the Cherry Poster Competition 2011

Jury Award: El Bundgaard, Måle.

Audience Award: Christel Dall.

Jury Award Winner of 2011

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